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Anwesha Composite Education Foundation

Bringing industry and educational institutions together

The Anwesha Composite Education Foundation (ACE Foundation) is a non-profit vocational school and a SkillSonics partner based in Karamsad, Gujarat. ACE works with Rhino Machines Pvt. Ltd., a foundry equipment manufacturer; Anwesha Engineering, an engineering, procurement and construction company; Composite Solutions, a financial advisory firm and Composite Education, an education consultancy.


As a SkillSonics partner, ACE Foundation shares the objective of skilling young people through Swiss VET so that they are equipped for employment when they graduate. On the recommendation of Rhino Machines Pvt. Ltd., the ACE Foundation chose SkillSonics as its exclusive partner to deliver training at the ACE-Rhino Vocational School. ACE and Rhino provide funding and equipment. SkillSonics’ provides all content and implements the training programs and assessments for apprentices and trainers.


ACE Foundation has identified several challenges currently plaguing India’s skilling ecosystem.

  • Deficit of well-trained youth to work in companies.
  • Inadequate input from industry in the content, design and delivery of training programs.
Training Institutes:
  • Technical education curricula neither deliver the right content in the classroom nor adequately train students for shopfloor work. As a result, students are not industry-ready when they graduate.
  • Vocational education is not perceived as a path for high achievers or valued as a serious career option that leads to respectable professional status. This social stigma results in fewer young people opting to do an apprenticeship.
How SkillSonics Helped

Through its delivery of Swiss methodology and know-how, SkillSonics has introduced ACE Foundation to globally accepted standards of safety, quality and productivity. ACE now integrates this approach into its training programs.  ACE also encourages students to work productively while completing their training program.  Having recognized the value of working cooperatively with industry, ACE is now pursuing partnerships with other companies similar to its cooperation with Rhino Machines Pvt Ltd.

  • Training center established and operational since 2015. Registered today by the Government of Gujarat as Skill Upgradation Centre.
  • Teachers and instructors of ACE trained and certified under the Quality Assurance Project of the Swiss Vocational Education and Training Initiative (SVETII)
  • Teachers and instructors of Rhino Machines and other industries trained to global standards in welding and automation
  • Existing industry workforce as well as new entrants to the employment market successfully trained to full industry readiness and employability.