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Innovative CSR School Interventions in India by SkillSonics to Make Learning Better

SkillSonics India is an organization with expertise in delivering courses designed based on the internationally-acclaimed Swiss Vocational Education and Training model.

We have partnered with various companies and not-for-profit organizations over the years to carry out CSR school interventions in India targeted at school students, often hailing from diverse socio-economic backgrounds, to not only create awareness about various issues but also to augment the whole learning experience.

SkillSonics: Skilling Programs for Indian School Students

SkillSonics collaborates with corporate entities and relevant non-profits to empower schools with developing and implementing a robust co-curricular program within their academic syllabus. The goal is to enhance the learning experience by fostering critical thinking skills and promoting innovative education among Indian school students.

SkillSonics’ Approach towards Education and CSR Partnerships

At SkillSonics, we approach our CSR initiatives in education at the school level by highlighting the following aspects:

  • Activity-Based Learning
  • Critical Thinking
  • Working with Real Technology
  • Sustainability & Green Education

SkillSonics also ensures the encouragement of critical thinking in schools in real time through the interactive nature of our courses and the inclusion of activities such as dramatic presentations, preparation of scientific models, video lectures, and so on.

Implementation of Alternative Pedagogical Approach

The inclusion of the Alternative Pedagogical Approach (a synthesis of Theater-in-Education, Multiple Intelligence, Parallel Thinking, and STEM) by SkillSonics in certain CSR school intervention projects has definitely further elevated the level of critical thinking exhibited by the students.

Key CSR School Interventions in India by SkillSonics

SkillSonics has partnered with Pramith Foundation to execute two key long-term CSR initiatives in education at the school level on behalf of reputed corporate entities such as Mahindra CIE Automotive Ltd. and GN Foundation (Switzerland).

Through the GEMS Program and the Abhigyan Programme SkillSonics has ensured far-reaching outcomes that benefit students of the focus schools over the course of multiple years. SkillSonics and Pramith Foundation have worked together to inculcate the ability of critical thinking, creating awareness, and developing long-term good habits among school-going children across multiple schools spread across India.

The GEMS Program: A CSR Initiative by Mahindra CIE Automotive Ltd.

The GEMS Program, a Green Education CSR initiative by Mahindra CIE Automotive Ltd., has been conducted by SkillSonics, in partnership with Pramith Foundation, to create awareness among the school children on aspects of sustainability, safety and health in schools located in Pune and Aurangabad.

The program caters to students between the 1st and 7th Grades and is spread into sessions to be conducted over the course of 3 years in the form of co-curricular activities

Overall Project Impact

  • The GEMS Program has been successfully conducted across 5 Schools in Pune and Aurangabad.
  • The Program has benefited 970 Students in 1 Year.

Project Intervention

  • 60 Hours program of Activity-based Learning on sustainability, Green Education, Safety and Health for students of grades 1-7.
  • Execution of the program in Government schools having minimal basic facilities and students from underprivileged backgrounds.
  • Developing positive and good long-term habits among students through Activity-Based Learning.
  • Contribution towards positive behavioral changes among students.

Project Outcome

  • The attendance of students improved due to activity-based learning.
  • The development of good healthy habits among the students.
  • Positive feedback from Parents about the transformation in their child.
  • Improvement in academic performance (enhancing physical & mental health resulting in better grades, skills, learning and self-confidence).
  • Improvement in time management skills (better understanding of prioritizing and management of tasks).
  • Learning new and useful skills (personality development, cultural values, leadership skills, teamwork).
  • Inculcation of a deeper sense of commitment to moral and essential ethical values.

Abhigyan: A School Enrichment Programme by GN Foundation (Switzerland)

The Abhigyan Programme has been conducted by SkillSonics in partnership with Pramith Foundation, on behalf of GN Foundation (Switzerland), to equip Vernacular-medium students and teens in Creative Thinking, STEM and Communication across schools through IIT Kharagpur in underdeveloped parts of West Bengal.

The program caters to vernacular-medium students between the 5th and 8th Grades and integrates a strong co-curricular schedule in their academic syllabi.

The Abhigyan Programme successfully harnesses the benefits of Activity-Based Learning and the Alternative Pedagogical Approach to not only create awareness among school children, especially those hailing from poor economic families, on aspects of STEM learning and other identified ‘Life Skills’, but also to augment the overall learning experience.

Overall Project Impact

  • STEM projects at vernacular-medium schools executed in collaboration with Pramith Foundation and IIT Kharagpur, West Bengal.
  • Benefitted 9000 students since 2016.

Project Intervention

  • Achieve holistic development of children to enhance their readiness to face the world and be confident human beings with a higher aspirational goal.
  • Year-long embedded programs or short-duration camps, ideally administered over the course of 5 years.
  • The students participate in STEM Projects and prepare small models of the project.
  • Inculcate: Asking WHY rather than WHAT.
  • Alternative Pedagogical approach, which is a synthesis of Theatre in Education, Multiple Intelligence, Parallel Thinking, and STEM.
  • Enhancement of communication, creativity, collaboration and appreciation of STEM through all the pedagogical tools mentioned, with measurable progress on each of the attributes at the year-end.

Project Outcome

  • Enhanced Creativity and Critical Thinking.
  • Enhanced Analytical Capability.
  • Cogent Communication Skills.
  • Better Team Collaboration.
  • Contributing to a richer ‘Demographic dividend’.
  • Positive Social dividend to the sponsor.
  • Upliftment of the vernacular medium students and helping them pursue fulfilling growth.

SkillSonics Aiding the Future of Indian Education through CSR

SkillSonics strives to encourage holistic development and continue transforming students and the youth into critical thinkers and well-rounded individuals through innovative education and skilling programs for Indian school students.