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GMM Pfaudler Limited

GMM Pfaudler, an Indian market leader in the manufacturing of equipment for the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors

GMM Pfaudler Limited is a leading supplier of engineering equipment and systems for critical applications in the global chemical and pharmaceutical markets. GMM Pfaudler has been working with SkillSonics to implement the Swiss VET System since 2012.


GMM Pfaudler prioritizes a long-term strategy that ensures the seamless transfer of knowledge to the next generation of employees. As part of this undertaking GMM Pfaudler asked SkillSonics to establish a multi-skilled production technician program in welding, fabrication and CNC machining. The program took place at its factory-based VET training center built according to Swiss parameters. The students systematically increased the amount of time spent in the workshop from 40% in the first semester to a full day in the last semester of their 2-year course. They acquired practical skills and after graduating could immediately be deployed on the shopfloor.


GMM Pfaudler was established in 1962 as Gujarat Machinery Manufacturers. It grew successfully into a market leader in glass lined equipment in India and has been proud of its expertise and highly qualified workforce. There was no room for error when the question of how best to transfer expertise to the next generation of workers arose; GMM wanted to get its strategy right from the start. “We wanted to ensure, that we keep providing high quality products, services and solutions in a timely manner to all our clients irrespective of some of our most senior employees’ retirement,” says Mr. Chandulal Makadia, Vice Preisdent, Manufacturing.

How SkillSonics Helped

The solution lay in finding a reliable partner who would assist GMM Pfaudler to design a training program with a focus on practical training and a smooth workforce transition. GMM Pfaudler chose SkillSonic’s Multi-Skilled Production Technician (MSPT) course. In the first semester, the trainees spent one day a week in the company workshop and attended theory classes, including an English language course for the rest of the week. By the third semester, there was an equal distribution of classroom study and practical training.  The trainees spent their entire fourth semester in the workshop. During the program, the trainees learned key elements of welding and fabrication technologies directly related to GMM Pfaudler processes. They also had time to work on their own projects to develop creativity and problem-solving abilities.

  • Knowledge transfer and transition to a new generation of workers was resolved in a structured and seamless manner.
  • Since 2012 a total of 109 apprentices have been trained. Most of the apprentices have since joined GMM Pfaudler as permanent employees.
  • Employee loyalty and commitment to GMM Pfaudler makes it easier to plan for future initiatives.
  • Better expertise has resulted in more efficiency, increased productivity and improved discipline.