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Texmo Industries has been in the electric motor and agricultural pump industry for over sixty years. It began as a supplier of India’s nascent textile motor market. Today, it has an annual turnover of over INR 10 billion. This makes it the market leader in India’s pump industry.


Texmo Industries has been seeking a professional provider of world-class vocational education to train its workforce. It chose SkillSonics to establish a Multi-Skilled Production Technician Program in CNC machining and mechatronics at its factory-based training center in Coimbatore, India. The students acquire hands-on practical skills through Swiss VET training in the classroom and on the Texmo shopfloor. The training programs furnish Texmo Industries with a dedicated, scalable and highly-skilled workforce.


Although Texmo’s new hires had technical degrees, they lacked the skills and social competencies to work in the factory.  Texmo recognized the importance of training future employees and ensuring the availability of a quality, multi-skilled workforce familiar with its processes.

How SkillSonics helped

Texmo Industries partnered with SkillSonics to implement a VET program at their manufacturing facility in Coimbatore.  They selected the Multi-Skilled Production Technician (MSPT) course which is open to tenth grade graduates and lasts three years. During this time trainees learned process, assembly, CNC machine operations and testing skill. They were also taught communication skills and good workplace practices. 80% of the training was practical and directly related to Texmo processes. The apprentices now have the hard and soft skills to perform well.

In parallel, SkillSonics implements Train the Trainer (ToT) programs for Texmo trainers. It conducts regular assessments and quality assurance programs for competence building. As a result, Texmo deploys some of their production personnel as guest faculty at training institutes.

  • A total of 39 apprentices trained in two years. A new batch of 45 students has now joined the training program Texmo trainees participated in the World Skills Preliminaries in 2018.
  • Improved expertise leading to better workforce performance and a more productive work environment.
  • A disciplined and socially responsible graduate pipeline in line with Texmo’s culture and reputation.