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Swiss vocational training initiative in India

The demand for highly qualified, professionally trained people is increasing worldwide. VET systems in different countries are not comparable to those of Switzerland. training usually takes place at schools that have little in common with the local economy. Or the training takes place in individual companies and is geared to the specific needs of the company. Thereby hardly any generic competences or general education are taught. In India too, VET is quite different than here. This book summarizes the backgrounds, concepts and outcomes of the Swiss VET initiative in India. The initiative responds to demands from local Swiss companies, which can only exploit their growth potential if better qualified staff is available. Together with the companies involved, with regional vocational schools, Coordinating organizations and authorities have designed, conducted and evaluated a fascinating role concept for the implementation of elements of the dual VET system in India. The results are promising for expansion into other regions and professions. The book also highlights the obstacles that must be overcome in such a project.