India and Switzerland join hands on Skill Development Agenda

The demand for highly qualified professionals with practical vocational edu- cation and training is increasing worldwide. However, manycountries do not have a vocational education and training system comparable to the scheme in Switzerland. Vocational education andtraining is usually provided in schools, which seldom work together with local industry. Otherwise, it is implemented in individual companies andaligned to the specific needs of those organisations only. Generic, academic and soft skills are rarely provided.This book describes the Swiss Vocational Education and Training Initiative India,its background, concept and results. The initiative is a response to the requirements of Swiss companies in India, which can only fully exploittheir growth potential when they can employ better qualified personnel. A fascinating role concept for implementing the dual vocationaleducation and training system in India was designed, implemented and evaluated together with the participating organisations, regionalvocational education and training schools, coordinating organisations and the authorities. The results are very promising for expansion toother regions and occupations. The book also highlights the obstacles that must be overcome in such a project.