Skillsonics Trainer Success Story

My name is Santosh C V Chellappa. I’m a 40-year technical trainer of Swiss-based Multi-Skilled Production Technicians (MSPT) at Buhler India Private Limited in Bangalore, India

I’m currently a VET instructor and trainer of 14 trainees at Buhler India Private Limited in Bangalore. I have an MSc Engineering Degree from M.S Ramaiah School of Advanced Studies, Bangalore and a diploma in NTTF Tool and Die-Making. SkillSonics trained me in Swiss VET methodology with instructors from Swissmem and SFIVET. Training methodology such as IPERKA and AVIVA helps me to plan and structure my lessons, and generally execute tasks effectively.

My trainees are between 18 and 21, 90% are male and 10% female. Most of them come from outside the Bangalore Region. They come to us directly from technical college (ITI – Industrial Training Institutes) and don’t have industry- related work experience.

The VET curriculum at Buhler is 40% classroom instruction, 60% practical training. I train the group in assembly, technical drawing, CNC, machining skills and calculation. They have exams at the end of each semester based on Swiss quality standards.

The apprentices I teach are very motivated and work incredibly hard to become skilled technicians. Sagaya Mary is one of them. I would say that mastering English is their biggest challenge, but they learn it quite fast. It takes about 4 months of training for them to understand better. One they get their VET diplomas, my trainees are an inverted-commaattractive workforce for companies though they continue working for Buhler as a prerequisite of their participation in the apprenticeship program.